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Where do we CMOs invest client capital? At WGi, we like digital plays that have the best ROI. So we channel the majority of our digital efforts on SEO and Mobile Marketing. In the end, getting in front of consumers when they want us, and when they are in close proximity to the sale, simply makes our job well as yours.

"3 of the Top 16 National Advertisers in

2018 ad spend, use Web Graphics, Inc."*

*Source: The Big List – Top 200 Advertisers in 2018’ – Ad Age Datacenter


  • SEO

  • Responsive Websites

  • Augmented Reality

  • App Design

  • Social Media

  • Email Campaigns

  • Mobile Beacons


SEO isn't new, isn't sexy, isn't much talked about, and a lot of folks are happy to take your money in exchange for offering you hope. WGi provides SEO RESULTS, period. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools a marketer can utilize. Think about it - consumers are using Google to search for your product or service right now, would that not be a good time to introduce them to your company, right when they are looking for you? The problem is, your company results are not showing up on the top page, maybe not at all. We will fix that. In fact, we guarantee that we will fix that, and you will be marching toward the top of Google search results. There is a reason why the 200 Leading Advertisers spend more on Paid Search than any other Internet marketing channel.* 

Source: *Advertising Age, "Top 200 Leading National Advertisers."



Responsive websites are built with truly mobile-friendly functionality - not separate

programs. We won't build anything but. Enough said.



What a fascinating, yet underutilized technology.  Nothing has a wow factor like making static images jump off the page of your advertisement, in a whirl of animation.  The biggest problems are cost, a lack of understanding of the technology, and a shortage of imagination about how to use it.  WGi has the solutions for all of these pesky issues, and we are always up for the challenge.  You can do some mighty impressive things with AR, on the cheap, with the digital content that you already have.  AR is a beautiful show-stopper at trade shows too – let us help.  





WGi Client Advisors have sounded like your parents, when asked to develop an app. "Are you sure you want to spend that much money? Are you willing to spend more to promote your app? Who wants to do that on a phone?" You know how parents are - they're usually right. So unless you have an idea that makes your customers' life easier - something that they can't figure out how they lived without for so long - listen to your parents.


Then along comes the ubiquitous mobile ad-blocker era, uh-oh. All of a sudden having your own customer app is like keeping oxygen in your bloodstream. Let's find a way to get this done successfully, so you can tell mom and dad, "I told you so".





We have a partner that we are in love with, and they have a Social Media system that continues to blow us away. Straight-up pricing that is more than fair. If you will commit to a 6-month trial, you will be gushing too. You can work with us at WGi, or we will share our partner's phone number with you. Your comfort level is the only thing that matters to us.




Through Bluetooth triangulations, you can now serve up mobile messages to aid your in-store customers in a number of ways. Beginning with a warm greeting near your entry points, customers simply swipe your welcome message to begin interaction. The beacons hyper-locate customers down to mere inches, so you can guide them to specific sales items, new products or even preferred customer silent mark-downs available to them only, today only. This is powerful - like GPS on steroids, but personal.



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