EDDM with Web Graphics, Inc.: It's Not If EDDM, But When!

November 25, 2015

By now you probably know what Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is, but when to use it can still be perplexing. Actually, it is difficult to come up with a business model that could not benefit from EDDM at some point. 


The most obvious use of EDDM is for retail grand openings. There is no better way to make sure that your new location is known to everyone in the surrounding neighborhood than through a saturation effort. Considering that a stamp costs 49 cents, and list-mailing postage is 28 cents each, EDDM is impossible not to consider at just 16.9 cents per mailing.


Here are three generalizations to help you decide whether or not to explore EDDM further: 

  • First (this one is the most obvious): Is the product you are selling something that most people can use? The more of a commodity your product is, the better suited it is for EDDM.

  • Next: Is your price point relatively high ($50+)? The higher the price of your product, the more you should consider EDDM.

  • Does your product have the opportunity for repeat business to factor into the life cycle of new customers?

If you are on the right side of these three questions, it would be foolish not to use EDDM.


Consider this: every consumer with money to spend has a mailbox. Admit it—you feel anticipation when you look through your mail each day. These are two facts that no other media can claim. Sure, you can send to more consumers for less money with e-mail, but there is a very good chance you will actually only reach a small fraction of those to whom you send. Let’s repeat the main point: everyone with money to spend has a mailbox.


Here are some more wildly divergent examples of when you should or should not use EDDM. 


A pack of gum is a commodity, but the price point is too low to have a great ROI, even with a high redemption rate. A new Mercedes is far from a commodity, but the price point is perfect for EDDM, and you can easily target wealthier neighborhoods. Mercedes’ agency would have you believe that their mailing list attributes are so finely tuned that they can spend more on lists and postage, and yet have more success. Not true. 


A mailing list cannot tell you which wealthy neighbor just got into an argument with their his or her dealer, which neighbor just heard about problems with Jack’s new BMW, or what wealthy household just saw a poor review about their own 2-year old Jaguar. A mailing list doesn’t know the daily private signals that each of us are influenced by. The point is, don’t outsmart yourself—or let your agency do so.


At Web Graphics, Inc., we use our proprietary ROI calculator to run the numbers—your numbers. We let you know straight away whether EDDM makes sense for your specific product and circumstances before you invest. After all, we are EDDM experts, but do list mailings just as frequently. 


You owe it to yourself to give WGi a call. We employ little-known EDDM tactics that increase your success, and enable you to pick specific in-home delivery dates, the details of which we cannot divulge in a public forum. Get in touch by contacting us here, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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