3 Steps to Prepare Your Marketing for the New Year!

January 4, 2016


It’s that time of year: time to reminisce on the year that has passed, and plan ahead for the New Year.


With 2016 ramping up, now is as good a time as ever to review your marketing efforts and make sure everything is in place for a successful year. There are many things you can do to strengthen your marketing for the New Year, but here are 3 we recommend:


  1. Develop a contingency plan for the changing ad landscape. In 2014, ad spend on television accounted for a significantly higher dollar amount than digital. However, new data from Magna Global predicts that digital will become the biggest global ad segment by 2017, accounting for 38% of all ad spend versus television’s 37%.

    With digital ads growing more and more popular and new marketing technologies emerging every day, the one thing you can expect for certain in 2016’s ad landscape is uncertainty. How will you adapt to this new landscape? What is your plan for testing out new ad tactics? Will you continue to hold on to older tactics? Even if you don’t know exactly what the future holds, you should at least make estimations as to how you plan to respond to unprecedented change in advertising.


  2. Eliminate waste and find new opportunities. Spending waste is bad anywhere, but it’s especially detrimental in advertising, where companies are competing against one another to get the attention of people being pulled in many different directions. Finding advertising success takes strategic, targeted actions.

    Take some time at the beginning of 2016 to track down ad spending waste: which tactics were most effective last year? Which tactics just aren’t producing like they used to? Are you continuing to hold on to anything because it’s easier to maintain the status quo? Identifying and cutting waste is a difficult exercise, but an important one. Any money you save by cutting tactics that aren’t working can be diverted towards new opportunities, or reinvested in efforts that have been continually successful.


  3. Hone in on an omnichannel approach. Today’s customers aren’t looking for experiences isolated to one location (in-store only, online only). They’re looking for all-encompassing experiences that tell a consistent story, something you may hear called omnichannel. True omnichannel marketing blends the best of each tactic and provides a seamless customer experience.

    Visitors to Disney World receive their wristbands to the park weeks before they arrive and are encouraged to plan their trip ahead of time. They use the mobile app, visit the park, and are encouraged to share their experiences on social media after the trip is over. The key to success moving forward won’t be doing any one platform well; it will be executing them all successfully in perfect harmony with one another.


What exactly will this year hold for marketing and advertising? We wish we could say with 100% certainty what’s ahead but alas, we cannot. Even if you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it. Take these steps, and we think you’ll find yourself much more prepared for marketing your business in 2016.

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