Study: Consumers Trust Print Ads More than Other Mediums

February 4, 2016


Even as businesses shift their eyes towards digital marketing, consumers don’t quite trust digital ads as much as they do in print.


That's the conclusion of a study from VTT, a Finnish research and technology company, which sought to measure consumer trust levels in various types of media.


To gather consumer opinions, VTT surveyed more than 700 consumers in 13 countries about their media usage and attitudes towards ads. What they found may come as a surprise in today's digital-first era: consumers trusted ads in magazines and newspapers much more than they trusted ads on TV or on the Internet.


63% of respondents said they trusted ads in magazines/newspapers (print), compared to just 41% for TV and 25% for Internet. And that's not all: consumers said they trusted traditional media like direct mail and catalogs more than social media and the Internet. In fact, almost 90% of respondents said they valued direct mail more than social media!


This lines up with data we've previously cited from MarketingSherpa, which found that 54% of consumers said they want to receive direct mail from brands they're interested in. Time and time again, studies are showing that print ads—from direct mail to magazine ads to newspapers—have a strong effect on buying decisions, and are viewed as more trustworthy by consumers than other mediums.


We do not want to imply that we think digital ads are unimportant or cannot add value to a marketing campaign—that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the right contexts, digital ads can contribute strongly to the overall success of a campaign. We will assert, however, that print advertising is much more valuable than many people realize, especially at a time when digital is top-of-mind across the industry.


Are you capitalizing on consumers' trust in print advertising, or putting your marketing dollars in other places? If you'd like to discuss how best to take advantage of print advertising, get in touch with Web Graphics, Inc. today.

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