ROI Matters. Even In Marketing.

February 15, 2016

ROI matters in most aspects of your business.


When you implement a new software to increase productivity, after a few months, you’ll work with your vendor or internal team to track how much money you’ve saved thanks to increased efficiency. When you design a new product, you want to know how much money it will bring in before deciding to execute. Even when bringing on a new member of your team, it’s important to make sure they’ll improve your business in a way that makes you money.


And yet, many agencies will try to tell you that marketing is different—that it’s harder to track. That ROI isn’t something you should be too concerned about when you’re figuring out where to spend your marketing dollars.


It’s true: marketing ROI is harder to track than, say, a piece of software. Don’t, however, believe anyone who tells you ROI doesn’t matter in marketing.


ROI isn’t just possible to measure in your marketing campaign—it’s essential to measure.


Did that Every Door Direct Mail campaign result in an increase in business to your beauty salon? Did WiFi advertising cause customers to make additional in-store purchases? Did your product catalog make it easier for long-term customers to purchase goods from your shop? Again, the ROI of these tactics isn’t always easy to measure, but putting in the effort to do so is how we recommend tactics and make your marketing campaign as strong as it can be.


If your marketing isn’t focused on ROI, you’re wasting a tremendous opportunity.


Here at WGi, ROI is in our DNA. Every service we offer—from direct mail to outdoor advertising—is centered around getting your business return on investment. If it won't bring you positive ROI, we won't recommend it. It's important to us to make sure your marketing dollars are directed towards the right places.


Have questions about the efficacy or ROI of your current marketing efforts? Want to learn more about how our ROI-driven approach can help you make the most of your marketing investment? Get in touch today via our contact form.

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