The Answer to Ad Blocking

February 19, 2016

Online, advertisers are fighting a battle that’s tough to win and which has no clear end in sight: ad blocking.


Ad blocking is just what it sounds like. Using software plugins for web browsers, users can choose to block ads so they don’t show up when surfing the web. No ads before videos, no banner ads, nothing—with an ad blocker, they all disappear.


As you can imagine, this is a rising concern for advertisers. In fact, a 2015 PageFair and Adobe study found that ad blocking in the US grew by 48% to reach 45 million active users in 12 months through June 2015. With 198 million active ad block users around the world and the rate of ad block adoption picking up every year, something's gotta give if advertisers hope to find a reasonable solution.


On the consumer side, users of ad blocking software claim that ads are intrusive and obnoxious, and that the browsing experience is better without them. On the publishing and advertiser side, ads are a way to support free content for users, and of course a tremendous source of revenue. (The PageFair/Adobe study estimates that ad blocking cost publishers nearly $22 billion in 2015.) In reality, both sides have a decent argument.


Nonetheless, if the research on the growing popularity of ad blocking software is any indication, ad blockers aren't going away any time soon. So what’s an advertiser to do?


In terms of getting the attention of your audience and keeping it by staying in front of your organization’s customers, few tactics are as effective as a well-designed mobile app. After the app is downloaded, you now have a near-guaranteed way to keep an open line of information and communication with your customers.


Well-designed apps bring utility and value to your customer, providing them with exactly what they need, without obvious advertising. However, the fact that your customers turn to your app for what they need in life is actually the ultimate in advertising—binding your relationship forever closer.


As customers are bombarded by information from all sides, and as ad blockers continue to become more prevalent, the best solution is to focus on holding the attention of your customer. From our perspective, that starts with an effective website and continues to the mobile app. With those tactics on your side, you’re in a much better position to win—and keep—the attention of your customer, ad blocker or not.


If you have questions about an effective digital presence in the era of ad blocking, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our website's contact page.

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