Insights from Nielsen: On Many Mediums, Action Trumps Trust.

February 24, 2016

Trust is a key component in our everyday lives.


Relationships are founded on trust. People generally don’t do business with companies they don’t trust. And recently, many advertisers have focused a tremendous amount of effort on building trust with prospects in an attempt to gain more business.


According to new research from Nielsen, however, trust may not always be a primary necessity in advertising.


For the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report late last year, Nielsen surveyed consumers from around the globe on their trust level across different advertising mediums. Among the most trusted ad formats were "recommendations from people I know," "consumer opinions posted online," "branded websites," and "brand sponsorships." Interestingly, however, trust was not always a prerequisite to purchasing.


For example, 60% of respondents said they trust ads in newspapers, but 63% said they take action as a result of ads in newspapers. The same is true across a number of other mediums, from magazines, to social networks, to billboards. Across all those formats, the percentage of consumers who trust the format is overshadowed by the percentage of consumers who always or sometimes take action as a result of an ad.


Note that this does not mean you should intentionally seek to erode trust with consumers. That much is obvious. Trust remains a key component in any purchasing decision, and the more trust you can foster with your customers, the better.


That said, in addition to building trust, you can also focus on something that's essential no matter the format: easy access to the products or services. If it’s easy for a prospect to take action as a result of your ad, whether it’s on social media or on a mailer delivered directly to their door, they will be that much more likely to take action, even if they don’t implicitly trust the source.


We know from previous research that print is still highly effective amongst many sources. We also know that digital ads put consumers one click away from buying a product or service. As this research from Nielsen shows, companies hoping to get the “best of both worlds” should center their advertising efforts across all mediums on making it as easy as possible for consumers to take action as a result of the ad.


Are you doing everything you can to build trust and make buying your product as simple as possible? To learn more about making the most of your advertising budget, get in touch with WGi today!

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