2 Questions You Need to Ask Your Agency Partner

March 11, 2016

Writing for Forbes, marketing agency owner Keenan Beasley offers up some advice for agency owners: adapt or perish.


Though the piece is written primarily for agency owners, the issues he discusses also happen to make great questions for your agency partner. We don’t think the situation is nearly as dire as Beasley makes it out to be, but we do think the advice he gives is good.


Working off of his recommendations for agency owners, here are 2 questions you need to ask your agency partner:


  1. Where is the value? “Successful agencies of the future,” Beasley says, “are the ones that can provide value to clients.” We couldn’t agree more. Your agency partner shouldn’t be pushing specific tactics or strategies unless they’re adding true value to your business.

    As we've discussed in the past, ROI is essential to measure. Here at WGi, ROI is in our DNA. If your agency isn’t value-driven, your money may be better spent somewhere else.


  2. What are our results? Along those same lines, Beasley says that “successful advertising agencies need to prove they're willing to invest in honest analytics.” You probably have a good sense of key metrics provided by your agency partner, but do you know what they mean? How they impact your bottom line? If they truly matter, or if they’re vanity metrics?

    Your agency partner must be willing to show you honest data—not just the data that looks good. Most ad campaigns will have some ups and some downs, so the question comes down to whether your partner is honest when things don’t go exactly as expected.


Again, though Beasley’s advice is aimed primarily at agencies looking towards the future—as we are here at WGi—it also serves as a good reminder of the conversations you should be having with your agency partner.


Proven value and honest data are two key cornerstones of any working relationship between you and an agency. The next time you have questions for your agency partner, don’t be afraid to use both of those factors as drivers of the conversation.


Here at WGi, we’re deeply committed to both of these principles. We’ve been results-driven since day one and value honest and open relationships with all of our clients. If that type of agency relationship sounds like something your business would value, get in touch today!

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