Does Your Marketing Strategy Tell a Story?

April 8, 2016

 A marketing strategy should lay down key facts that help guide the marketing of your product or service. Why should people choose your product over a competitor’s? Who are your competitors? Who is your audience—and what do they care about? Where can you find them? What is it that really makes your business unique?


Answering those key questions should help inform the tactics you choose, as well as how you use them. But your marketing strategy shouldn’t stop there.


Your strategy also needs to tell a story.


It’s one thing to have answers to questions—to have a framework that helps you make informed decisions about whether you should choose tactic A over tactic B. It’s another thing entirely to tell a story for and about your customer. To weave in messaging that will be evident to customers regardless of whether they’re looking at your Twitter profile, reading a piece of direct mail you sent them, or interacting with one of your in-store beacons.


Facts are only part of the equation. Your customers need to experience a story in your marketing and branding if you want them to keep coming back.


Your story doesn’t have to be complicated. What it does need to do is fit your business—not anyone else’s—and be easy to translate across a variety of mediums, from print to radio to mobile phones. Customers should get a seamless experience moving from one medium to another. The story should be seamlessly woven into everything you print and say about your brand. Customers should know your marketing is yours.


People are naturally attracted to stories. By making your customers the center of your brand’s story, you make it much more likely that they will keep coming come back.


At a time when customers are bombarded with information from all sides, you need to be doing everything you can to hold their attention. Once you build out the framework of your marketing strategy, weaving in a story is a great way to keep customers engaged no matter where you happen to be getting in front of them.

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