Study Shows Big Potential for In-Store Video Ads

May 4, 2016

Even as online stores continue to rise in popularity, brick-and-mortar stores are still a staple for many consumers. Whether they’re looking to try on some new clothes, pick up a last-minute item, or buy some groceries, consumers still rely on shopping in-person for many items and occasions.


Knowing that, it’s up to stores to figure out how best to capture the attention of their customers once those customers arrive in the store. One successful method we’ve talked about in the past is WiFi advertising. To add even more options to the mix, a new study shows big potential for capturing the attention of in-store customers using video ads.


The study, conducted by Millward Brown on behalf of Impax Media, sought to measure opinions about in-store video advertising. What it found, as VentureBeat notes, is that there is a tremendous amount of potential here.


The allure of video ads in stores revolves primarily around lines: 69% of customers surveyed said they were extremely or somewhat frustrated with the long checkout lines. As it turns out, videos and digital signage help reduce that anxiety significantly. Digital signage at grocery stores, for example, reduced the perceived wait time by 35%, and 84% of customers said that watching content on digital displays helped the time spent in line pass more quickly.


The good news doesn't end there. 70.2% of customers surveyed said they'd watch the screens in a checkout line, and 85% of those who shopped in stores with screens in place said the screens were entertaining and pleasant to watch. Even better, 40% of customers said they'd be more likely to shop in grocery stores with video screens in the checkout lane!


Stores have many options when it comes to what to display on the screens. 76% of shoppers would be interested in seeing info on what's on sale, 69% would want to see upcoming specials and in-store events, and 63% are interested in recipe ideas. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Stores could also advertise or think of new fun and exciting ways to engage with customers at a time when they're otherwise sitting idly and waiting to check out.


At this point, in-store digital signage at checkout lines seems to be an all-around win. Companies can reduce the perceived time customers spend in line, sell ad space, and keep customers coming back all in one fell swoop. Though the technology is still in its early days, these in-store displays paint a promising picture in terms of new ways for companies to engage with customers once they get them in the door.

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