How to Fully Commit to Your Marketing Strategy

January 14, 2016


A brilliant marketing strategy executed poorly does a business very little good. Properly executing your marketing strategy takes a number of things, but all of them start with commitment within your organization. Having collective buy-in within your business is essential if you want your marketing efforts to succeed.


Here are a few ways to commit to your marketing strategy and greatly increase your chances of success:


  • Start “selling” it to key stakeholders long before execution. Waiting until your marketing strategy is ready to be executed (or already underway) is a good way to end up with disjointed messaging or worse, frustrated stakeholders. To avoid confusion and maximize buy-in, involve key decision makers in the strategy development process. By the time you’re ready to launch, no one will be surprised by what’s ahead, and you’ll also have a full lineup of advocates willing to support the marketing strategy.

  • Set a clear timeline, and resist the urge to deviate from it. Often, companies who have just deployed a new marketing strategy feel the urge to make significant changes in the few weeks or months following deployment. Although it’s important to be adaptable and make tweaks to piggyback off of successes, it’s just as important to realize that consistency is key to long-term growth. If you make significant changes every few months, it’s much harder to know what’s working and what isn’t. Setting, and sticking to, a timeline can help force you to stick to the plan, then measure and adapt once you reach certain milestones.

  • Establish reasonable expectations with an eye towards quality. You should also resist the urge to grow too attached to vanity metrics or other measurements that look appealing, but have little depth. 10 million ad impressions may sound impressive, but are they the right impressions? Entering your strategy with reasonable expectations that are focused on results and impact will again help you keep an eye on what matters.

  • Partner with an outside agency to help align your vision. There’s a lot you can do on your own, but ultimately, it’s often best to partner with an outside agency that can help you hone your vision, develop a clear strategy, execute the correct tactics, and measure success. Our team at WGi will work with yours to align your vision, and will stay accountable along the way so you end up with real, tangible results.


Whether you’ve just started developing your marketing strategy, need help choosing the best tactics for your company, or need help revitalizing a shrinking brand, the team at WGi is here to help. Want to talk about how we can help your business? Get in touch by contacting us here, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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