4 Things Successful Mobile Apps All Have In Common

January 22, 2016


Today’s companies have a tough challenge. They need to keep their customers’ attention while their customers are constantly bombarded with thousands of ads and calls to action. And yet, businesses still need to stay in front of their customers all the same.


There are a lot of ways to do that, but increasingly, businesses are turning towards mobile apps as a way to own the customer experience and keep eyeballs on them. If you’re thinking about a mobile app, remember: not all apps are created equal. Here are a few things the most successful mobile apps—from Angry Birds to Twitter—have in common:


  1. They’re easy to use. An app with a poor user experience is almost guaranteed to end up in the garbage bin. Successful apps are intuitive and simple. If it makes a task more difficult, your customers will never use it.

  2. Customers have a reason to use them. How does your app add value to your customer’s experience? Does it give them new deals they wouldn’t get elsewhere? A fun inside look at your company? An easy reference tool for your products? If it simply replicates a function or channel that already exists, customers will probably use that channel. But, if it’s new and contributes value to your customers’ lives, your chances of success are higher.

  3. They’re seamlessly integrated. Successful apps that are part of a company’s marketing strategy look, feel, and work similarly to other platforms. Even if the mobile experience itself is new, you shouldn’t be starting from zero. The best apps feel familiar and integrate seamlessly with all of your branding.

  4. They don’t try to be something they’re not. We’ve all downloaded apps that claim to be a productive tool or a fun game, but which are actually bloated with ads and difficult to use. Don’t market your app as something it isn’t, and don’t try to change your users’ lives with the app, either. Small steps in functionality are great, but if you try to be all things to all people you’re less likely to succeed.


As with any other marketing tactic, mobile apps can contribute significantly to your bottom line if they fit your strategy and are executed well. Likewise, they can also be a detriment if they aren’t well thought-out or if they’re made poorly. Think carefully before jumping into the app world and putting all your eggs in one basket.


Do you think a mobile app might be right for you? Do you need help designing your app, or making it work with the rest of your marketing strategy? Get in touch with WGi today! Our team of Client Advisors will make sure you get on the path to success.

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