The 4 Elements of a Great Brand

January 28, 2016

What comes to mind when someone asks you to picture a “great brand?”

Coke? Nike? Apple? Mercedes-Benz?


From retail to enterprise tech to the software industry, stand-out companies all over the world have identified what makes a brand tick, and have found success because of it. Creating an identifiable, relatable, long-lasting brand isn’t easy. But once you have one, you’ll see the benefits for years to come.


No matter the industry or company, there are several recurring elements that make up an excellent brand. Here are 4 we think are particularly important:


  1. The Name: Have you ever tried to memorize a sequence of letters that don’t form a word (e.g. sdfhldfsgiuh)? It’s incredibly difficult because of the way the mind recognizes patterns. The story is similar for company names. An easy to remember, simple company name is the cornerstone of any great brand. For some companies, that’s a single word a la Apple, while for others it may be an acronym (IBM) or a composite of founders’ names (Latham & Watkins).

  2. The Look: A memorable look is also essential. Consistent colors and a recognizable logo are paramount. You know the kinds of looks we’re talking about. The Nike Swoosh. The Snickers logo. The Chevy Bowtie. Here’s a good test of your look: If you remove all names and references to your brand from your logo and marketing materials, can you still tell they’re yours? If so, you’re on the right track and have a logo that will easily stick.

  3. The Story: What does your brand represent? We don’t mean a name or a product—we mean a feeling. A story. What’s your history? Your goal as a company? Though these elements are more difficult to incorporate into a brand, they are what provides the substance for everything you represent. A great logo with a hollow company behind it will have little long-lasting impact.

  4. The Response: Combine everything we just listed, put it in front of a customer, and what do you get? If you have a great brand, you should hopefully get an excited response. Not, "that will work," but, "wow!" Executed correctly, a great brand will elicit an emotional response that creates a strong tie with whoever sees it. A strong response should be your ultimate goal, as that’s what creates brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back.


You know a great brand when you see one—but do you have the team and experience needed to create your own? Our creative team is first-rate and can help you with everything from logo design to brand compliance. If you need help and like the thought of working with a passionate, award-winning team, get in touch with WGi today.


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