6 Reasons Print Marketing Is Even More Powerful in the Digital Age

July 20, 2018


As online marketing has exploded over the past decade, many marketing departments have reevaluated their balance of digital and traditional strategies. Channels such as print and mailings, which were once the bread and butter of marketing, are sometimes being overlooked in favor of SEO, social media, email, search marketing, and other digital strategies.


Savvy businesses, however, have discovered that in today’s digital era, print can make more of an impact than ever. Here are six reasons print is a thriving medium that entrepreneurs and marketers should be clamoring over.


Print Stats Don’t Lie

Numerous surveys and studies have shown print marketing’s continued effectiveness. One survey found that nearly 90% of respondents valued direct mail more than social media. Meanwhile, 63% of the audience surveyed said they trusted ads in magazines and newspapers, while a mere 25% trusted Internet advertising. Even among digitally-minded millennials, 92% are influenced by direct mail to make a purchasing decision, compared to 78% by email. 


Of course, this isn’t to say you don’t need an online presence for your business. You absolutely do. It’s just that you don’t want to take a myopic approach to your ad spend. Spreading your advertising dollars across multiple channels reaches different audiences in different ways.


Print Grabs Attention

There is a glut of brands competing for customers on the web. Advertisers are on track to spend nearly $40 billion more for Internet ads than TV ads in 2018. However, the increased spend on digital has left a void in print marketing – so take advantage of this! 


A unique, well-written, and beautifully-designed message in a catalogue, magazine, coupon book, or flyer can make your business stand out from the crowd. Print can grab the attention of prospective customers who have blocked out Internet advertising, either in their minds or with actual ad-blocking software.


Print Is More Permanent

Digital marketing can be fleeting – a pop-up ad can be closed with the click of a button, a Facebook post can be scrolled past with the flick of a finger, and an email can be deleted in an instant. Print advertising can also be ignored or discarded, but it tends to be more permanent. It’s something to linger over.


A flyer or magazine sent through the mail may be left on the counter for days. Even if it goes unread, the branding makes a subconscious impact on the recipient. And isn’t ‘top of mind’ what we’re all hoping for when it comes time to buy?


A branded pen, USB drive, or water bottle will function as a promotion each time it’s used. Banners and signs may be seen over and over again, serving as a constant reminder of your company to potential customers. From door hangers to mailers to window clings, print allows you to leave little reminders everywhere. 


Print Is Tactile

Print has an impact on your audience because of its tangible nature. A study using fMRI scans demonstrated the effect of physical and virtual material on brains. Their findings suggested that more emotional processing is involved when people are presented with physical rather than virtual material, which is key to memory and brand association. 


Physical ads also resulted in brain activity that suggests greater internalization of the content and therefore increased motivation to purchase. Also, print engages multiple senses – sight, touch, and even smell – which creates a stronger impression on audiences.


Print Costs Are Decreasing

One of the major reasons digital marketing has become so popular among brands is its high return on investment. Before moving in the direction of ‘pay-to-play’, digital strategies have been inexpensive compared to traditional marketing techniques, and what business isn’t always looking to cut costs? 


But print can be incredibly cost effective as well. As technologies evolve, print marketing is becoming increasingly inexpensive, meaning brands with marketing budgets of all sizes can afford to invest in a solid print strategy.


Print + Digital Has Greater Impact

Print and digital marketing on their own can drive significant sales if executed well, so imagine their impact when combined effectively. Reaching your audience through more than one channel will reinforce your message, and creatively interweaving the two will grab the attention of potential customers who may be growing weary of tried-and-true single channel techniques.


Take your campaign a step further by utilizing variable printing, personalized URLs, web analytics, social media tie-ins, and unique calls-to-action.


Unlike most agencies, Web Graphics, Inc. goes beyond our many digital services to also bring 30 years of print expertise to your marketing campaigns. We’re results driven, and can help you find the right mix of digital and print services that suits your budget and business goals. Get in touch with a Client Advisor today!


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