Why Email Marketing Improves SEO

September 9, 2019



You already know the benefits of SEO when it comes to your business website. But do you know how email marketing can boost SEO and drive even more traffic to your site? 


While not directly linked to SEO, email marketing combined with a solid SEO strategy work hand-in-hand to drive the success of your company. By sending creative content directly into your target audience’s inbox, you can enhance your search engine results, allowing more viewers to discover your website.


Generating Website Traffic

SEO refers to a method used to generate organic traffic to your website through increased visibility on search engines like Google. In today's competitive market, companies should apply SEO to all areas of their online business if they want to succeed, and email marketing has become more popular than ever as a way of driving traffic to your website. 


So how are emailing and SEO linked if Google does not detect information directly from individuals’ inbox? Well, there are actually several ways in which email marketing can boost your search ranking.

  • Sending personalized emails makes consumers feel valued and encourages them to visit your website 

  • Providing weekly insights of your content drives attention to your website and, in turn, increases views

  • Including links to your website and calls to action in each email generates traffic

Backlinks are an important contributor to SEO. In fact, backlinks are the most influential factor for achieving a high ranking from search engines. 


Using email marketing strategically can help reach out to potential partner sites willing to share a link from your page. This can drive an elevated amount organic traffic to your website. 


Remember to only collaborate with sites relevant to your business. Otherwise, Google finds this suspicious and will not rank you.


Determining the Purpose of Your Email 
Call to Action (CTA) encourages you to create email content with an end goal in mind. 


So let's say your main purpose for email marketing is to increase your SEO. Make sure that you create engaging and exciting content with a CTA (e.g. get a quote, request a free consultation, learn more, etc.) that drives traffic to take a desired action and visit your website.


An effective CTA email begins with the subject. You want to create a title that clearly states the ideology behind your message and grabs the reader's attention, as we all know how busy our inboxes can get at times. We don't want to spend our time generating emails for them to get ignored, do we? So have clarity in your purpose for sending out these emails.


User Engagement 

Engagement with your consumers is key. If individuals feel like your email will not benefit them, they will most likely delete it. Now, if you add value for your subscribers in your email, they’re more likely to comment, share, or even link to your website, which will boost awareness for your company. 


Including inspirational announcements and special offers in your emails encourages customers to visit your website continuously. Asking your subscribers to kindly share your recent blog post or voice their opinions on your new article enhances engagement and generates organic traffic to your website.


Give the People What They Want 


Using email marketing as an analytical tool can help your business thrive by understanding what your audience wants. Features such as Google Trends allows you to monitor what individuals are searching for and which topics are trending. 


Once you understand what your email subscribers want, honor them with unique and exciting content. Get personal with your subject headings and provide fresh content on a regular basis. Search engines love this.


Track Results


You can optimize your search engine results by understanding your customers’ wants and needs. Email marketing allows you to stay on top of your game by analyzing which topics your audience responds positively to. Once you identify your customers’ areas of interest, you can include relevant keywords on your website. Meaning that when your subscribers research similar topics online, the likelihood of your website showing up is much improved. 


Through analyzing your email campaigns, you can view the number of click-through rates you have achieved. For instance, if you have sent out an email with a particular heading which has been extremely successful for generating leads to your website, you may consider including a blog post on your site, particularly around this topic. You already know that people are interested in this topic, so why not generate more views by including an entire section of it on your site?


You can optimize your search engine results through many different means. Email marketing has become more efficient in supporting search ranking, because of the extra features mentioned here that you can add into your messaging. When used in the right way, email marketing can offer yet another lift to your SEO strategies.


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